The Benefits of Having a Screened in Porch at Your Home in the Louisville, KY, Area

A screened in porch can provide the extra living space you desire to have at your home in the Louisville, Kentucky, area. Instead of making the expensive decision to have extra square footage added to your house, consider screening in your porch to reap the benefits of extra space without breaking the bank. You’ll have a comfortable place to entertain friends, sneak away from the kids for a quiet moment, and so much more.

To turn your underutilized patio into a screen porch you can enjoy throughout the year, look no further than the experts at Green Star Home Remodeling. With over 25 years of experience in the home improvement industry, we have helped homeowner after homeowner transform their patios into private retreats to enjoy with their loved ones. We not only can help you design a custom screened in patio, but we can also expertly complete the necessary installations.

Once you have a screened in porch at your home in Louisville, KY, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor living space since you’ll no longer need to worry about:

  • Biting insects
  • Too much sun
  • Harsh winds
  • Light rain

Additionally, the screens will protect your patio from debris being blown in, which means your outdoor living space and furniture will stay in better condition and require less cleaning.

If you are interested in adding a screened in porch to your home, contact Green Star Home Remodeling. We service homes in Louisville, KY & surrounding communities.