Insulated Siding

The old Myth Siding is Siding, is all but true. Have one of our specialist out and see the Green Star difference from our products, to our custom installation methods. See why you should choose Green Star Remodeling for your next home improvement project.



Air Flow on a home is very important to make sure your insulation, roof and trim last a lifetime while you live in your home it also helps to eliminate mold and mildew issues in your attic with proper ventilation. Contact us today to receive a consultation to see if your home is properly ventilated


From Tearing off old rotted siding, to our permeable house-wrap, custom cladding and installation methods. Green Star ensures that your project will be done right and in a timely method. Once we start your project we wont leave until the job is completed correctly and to your specifications. Your satisfaction is our 1st priority.